In few words

I’m Pat and I’m happy that you’re here 🙂
I’m Polish, that’s why all of my materials are both in English and Polish.


I like to delve into various business endeavours – spotting the problem, working on a solution by creating whole system and developing it on the go. I used the same attitude while working for various companies but encountered lots of inside-office limitations. That’s why, two years ago I switched from full-time employee to full-time self-employed and felt relief.


I’ve also always loved travelling and knew that one day I’ll go for a longer journey. That time had come half year ago. Yet, I’m no longer happy-go-lucky student without responsibilities. I’ve got two small companies that I wouldn’t like to shut down just to go for dream holidays.

Around the business

So as not to resign from any of those two I decided that I will run the companies remotely from various parts of the world. 

I decided that it’ll be my business project where I’ll describe my experiences of distant management but also everything that I’ll be able to learn about business from people I’ll meet in visited countries. At the same time, I’ll have my eyes open for any business opportunities that may arise.

It’s a wide topic so it’s best to present it in various forms that’s why apart from articles on this website you can also find more content here Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Surely not everywhere there’s an easy access to the Internet so probably sometimes it’ll take more time to publish longer content or a video. But I hope that you’ll find some of my content useful or inspiring for yourself and you’ll consider pauses worth waiting 😉


The topics I want to cover can be divided into three main categories:

– Business area (so management, marketing, business ideas, and law&costs)
– Business environment (business culture, social and economic aspects)
– My own reflections and endeavours

Please bear in mind that everything here is created as a mixture of gathered data, personal observations and findings from interviews with locals and foreign business people. I’m doing my best to double-check all the info but no one is infallible.