In few words

I’m Pat and I'm happy that you're here 🙂
I’m Polish, that’s why all of my materials are both in English and Polish.

Bread crumbs on the trail

From the very beginning of my career I've been working in international departments or companies aimed at external cooperation. With time I started working for foreign companies and run my own international business.

All those experiences made me realise how much, despite globalisation, we do differ from each other. How important it is to know cultural differences, rules and laws from certain countries to be successful on given market.

Around the business

Based on these thoughts I created this website. I'd like to present here various conditions of running a business around the world. Costs, possibilities and restrictions.

I am describing different ways to internationalise your business (export, expansion, "born global") and to make your business independent from your whereabouts (by running distant or online business).

It's a vast spectrum of topics so apart from articles on this website I'm also running channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram i Youtube.

Enjoy! Comment! Share!