Is Iceland a good place to do business?

Iceland is a tiny island somewhere far away on the Atlantic Ocean close to Greenland . Their consumer market is also really small. And on top of that they have their own national language that almost no one knows. All that doesn’t sound like the best place to do business.

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How to do business with Icelanders

Iceland is small but not yet sated market. Especially now, when the economy is rising from its knees after financial crisis and people anew start to feel the prosperity and thus boost their consumption. It’s a great moment to start a business in Iceland or with Icelanders. Question is how to start.

The reality of working in Iceland

Being part of Icelandic labour market is tempting considering high wages but unfortunately it’s mainly reserved for citizens of EU member countries.

How is it to live in Iceland?

Iceland surely is a beautiful country, the example of using green energy and a land of hard working people. But how is it actually to live on this island?