Is it worth to do business on Iceland?

Iceland is a tiny island somewhere far away on the Atlantic Ocean close to Greenland . Their consumer market is also really small. And on top of that they have their own national language that almost no one knows. All that doesn’t sound like the best place to do business.

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Interview with Polish entrepreneur on Iceland

Business in tourist sector on Iceland? That must be a business success story on Iceland! If it really is, we’ll find out from conversation with 23-year-old entrepreneur from Poland, an owner of a car rental company on Iceland.

Costs of living in Iceland and what you get for it?

Iceland is expensive. Of course not so much if we live and work there but still. Our situation depends on two factors: where we live and what we do. Naturally, costs of living in Reykjavik are much higher than in smaller towns but so are the salaries. Pattern as everywhere.